Tuesday, November 16, 2010


  For Chad's 26th birthday I surprised him with a birthday get away! My parents helped me get a sweet hotel room in Midway at the WorldMark resort. :) I was so proud of myself for actually keeping it a secret. I spent the whole day getting ready for it so when he got home we could take off. I told him we had a dinner reservation and needed to leave right after he got off work. I made him let me drive so I could blindfold him all the way to the resort. ha ha :)

When he walked in the door I had the surprise set up for him with his gifts, sparkling apple cider, junk food and his favorite dinner. I got him his favorite chips and stuff for his new bike!!

We made grilled teriyaki chicken sandwiches for dinner and they were amazing!

We went swimming, hot tubing, watched movies and just relaxed. Then in the morning we had chocolate milk, orange juice, and egg mcmuffins.
It was a perfect birthday get away!!


  1. And the "awesome wife award" goes to KINZIE!!! :) Happy birthday to Chad! So glad you guys had a sweet get away...looked fantastic!

  2. What a great way to show your sweetheart how much you love him! Those getaways are so wonderful!!

  3. Ya, your a great little wife..good job! Happy birthday CHAD!