Tuesday, February 8, 2011

War of the Buttons!

Last week Natalie and me had a girls night out! It was so much fun. We talked, laughed and made really cute button earrings. I got this idea from my really good friend Haley on her blog Life is Sweet! She is so creative and cute. I just loved this idea because I only own 1 pair of earrings, so we gave it a try. Haley made it look like a piece of cake, but I guess for people like me who have no creative bone in their body its a little more difficult. ha ha After lots of trial and error and not to mention lots of burnt fingers I finally got the hang of it and I just LOVE how they turned out. I went from having 1 pair of earrings to having 7 pair all while hanging out and having some great laughs. I wear them all the time and always get compliments. Thanks Haley. :)


 Crying over our burnt fingers!! ha ha We are such Babies. :)


  1. oh this made me so happy for so many reasons!!
    1 - I *heart* sister-girls-nights :)
    2 - yay for making the button earrings!
    3 - my favorites are the brown ones (first pictured) and the gold anchor ones!! but they're all gorgeous!
    4 - the last picture of you two made me laugh out loud a little ;) Hope your fingers heal up quick!! :)

    LOVE YOU!!

  2. I saw that on Haley's blog too {i secretly stalk hers... well maybe not so secretly now. hmmm.}! I wanted to try it sooooo bad. I showed my mom and sister and they are dying to try it too! Maybe we'll have to get together and you'll have to show me the tricks of the trade! Miss you!